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Buyer persona: The human side of marketing

Elizabeth De Leon

What is buyer personas?

Buyer personas are the portrait of a user who represents a segment of our audience, when we talk about buyer personas, in fact, we refer to the human side of marketing because it is possible to give a face and a name to some individual members of the target. who we are addressing.

For a communication and marketing strategy, it is essential to identify the buyer personas because doing so facilitates the work of personalizing the content of the strategy. In fact, it is much easier to develop ideas if we see who we are addressing with our eyes.

Therefore, making use of buyer personas means nothing more than analyzing real customers to guide marketing, communication, business and loyalty strategies.

How to create buyer personas?

For the creation of buyer personas, it is possible to download numerous templates that allow you to summarize all the information found about the clients and, subsequently, develop profiles that are complete enough to implement your own strategy.

In the collection of data for the construction of representations of the client or the ideal user of a site, we range from the most personal information such as sociodemographic, psychographic data to those that instead refer more specifically to the possible response, approach or preference of the user. type of client towards a product, a site or a company, we will see them below:

  • Sociodemographic data : in this case, information such as gender, age, origin, level of education, type of occupation, income and marital status is collected. Merem Scott recommends appointing buyers to improve the humanization process.
  • psychographic data : they allow to identify some personality traits, attitudes, ways of thinking and saying "typical" of a particular buyer person, fears, anxieties, frustrations, value system, ethical principles, prejudices and opinions on various topics that could interfere with the evaluation of a product or an advertising message.
  • Criteria for decision making : Analyzing the purchasing criteria allows the company to understand what are the reasons that push an individual to choose one brand over another.

Information gathering tools.

There are several tools to collect the information needed for creating buyer personas, including:

  • Interviews : Talking to people is the best way to get ideas about typical customers and, consequently, about the strategy to adopt.
  • Questionnaire : the questionnaire, unlike the interview, requires less time, although the information will not be as specific as that detected by the interview.
  • Analytics and social media insights : These are perfect tools for capturing geographic and demographic data.