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The Association of Industries, Commerce and Nautical Services, brings together a large part of the recreational nautical sector in Catalonia. ADIN is a non-profit association that brings together companies, the basic activity of which refers to recreational boating. ADIN's objective is to promote our activity sector, as a support for the quality tourism industry, at the same time as spreading the active leisure society among our fellow citizens, thus following a model of sustainable growth as the basis for ensure the future of our sector. The business composition of the nautical sector is mainly made up of micro, small and medium-sized companies, and ADIN is made up of more than a hundred Catalan companies and various sector associations based in Catalonia. From ADIN we are clearly committed to the development of nautical tourism, as the main dynamic activity of our sector; For this reason, we consider capital for our sector, all the activities carried out by the nautical stations, the nautical charter and sport fishing companies and the diving centers. The Recreational Nautical sector and, in particular, Nautical Tourism and initiation nautical have great development potential if we compare it with other countries that do not have our conditions, neither geographic nor climatological. Its development requires a determined commitment from the Administration, to plan the appropriate infrastructures and measures, to make these active leisure activities as popular as possible. A large part of our activities focus on the ability to convince and negotiate with the various administrations of the current and future needs of the sector, and for this reason we should be all the companies in the sector.
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