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With the name ASSOCIATION EX-EMPLOYEES AND FAMILY MEMBERS AGREEMENTS ORIGIN ENDESA CATALUÑA (AECOEC) this entity is constituted, which regulates its activities in accordance with the provisions of Law 4/2008, of April 24, of the third book of the Civil Code of Catalonia , relating to legal entities; Organic Law 1/2002, of March 22, regulating the right of association, and its statutes. The aims of the association are: the grouping without distinction of political, philosophical or religious opinions of all those affected by employment regulation files, contract suspensions, retirees, widows or widowers or cessation of services to the Endesa group, by the defense, management and advice of their common interests, both economic and social. To achieve its purposes, the association carries out the following activities: Intervene in the negotiation with the companies of the Endesa Group in any Retirement contingencies, EREs, AVS or other similar circumstances that affect its associates. Create the necessary means to carry out a rigorous control of the fulfillment of the contractual agreements of the different pacts and favorable conditions that the partners have, both at the collective level and at the individual level, in the Collective Agreements or apart from them. Study and plan the most appropriate methods in order to guide associates in defending their personal and financial interests. Establish relationships with other similar associations of former ENDESA employees, axis as well as with their legal representatives of those who are still active. Collaborate and be able to request to have members represented in the efforts and decisions of the Control Commission of the Employee Pension Plan of the ENDESA Group, axis as in the modification and drafting of its Regulations. Any profit motive is excluded.
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