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AFR-IX Telecom designs, builds and delivers high quality connectivity in fiber optic services from outside AFRICA. Helping African telecom operators in their strategic and operational developments and affairs with their network services, their dedicated team creates flexible and cost-effective solutions. They strive to offer in a 'tailoredr' and 'end-to-end' way our solution through these services following the peculiarity of the needs of our clients. Shaped on a case-by-case basis, our offerings are delivered in such a flexible way that we facilitate the business process with simplicity for our African based business clients. Far from following restrictive rules, we take advantage of our fully evaluated methodology for the needs of our clients, taking into account their strategic orientation and the reality of the geography and the situation in question. AFR-IX Telecom integrates operations, services and strategy: No company bridges the gap between strategy and operation like we do. Committed to offering the best services, AFR-IX Telecom integrates the forces that shape the future of the telecommunications industry and surrounding societies.
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