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Ecoarrels understands the kitchen, not only as a space where food is processed applying various culinary techniques following a recipe, but as a space where to transmit a basic culinary philosophy, where respect and "affection" form a very important part of the time to prepare each and every one of our menus, bearing in mind that our “client” is very demanding and may be difficult to satisfy. We are passionate about the challenge and we put all our efforts into this harmony of sensations through a rich and nutritious recipe book. We make them thoroughly with the best possible ingredients. These are, without a doubt, a seasonal raw material, ecological and of proximity, harvested and collected at their optimum point of maturation without pesticides or synthetic chemicals, on the other hand, as regards meat, animals are raised outdoors with a natural diet and without antibiotics. In reality we did not invent anything, all this was already done by our grandparents, who left us one of the most precious and recognized goods worldwide. A heritage with gastronomic roots that goes back hundreds of years of history, which makes our Mediterranean diet considered one of the richest and healthiest in the world. Cheers and bon appetit!
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