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With an experience of 30 years of professional practice, the team of specialized lawyers escolanofreixa.com will give an answer to your queries and legal questions. The team of lawyers is made up of the following professionals: Francisco Javier Escolano Iturbe: Lawyer. Founder of the Escolano & Freixa Law Firm. More than 30 years of experience in different areas of law, highlighting the area of ​​civil liability. marriage and labor law. Pablo Escolano Freixa: Lawyer. Law degree from the University of Barcelona. Master in Family Mediation and Family Law from ICAB. Expert in Civil Liability, in valuation of bodily harm, in new technologies. Lawyer, entrepreneur Xavier Navarrete Andreu: Lawyer. Law degree from the University of Barcelona. 18 years of experience. Specialist in traffic law, civil liability and matrimonial law. Guillermo Astasio Fernández: Lawyer. Law degree from the University of Barcelona. Specialist in civil liability and traffic law. David Rubio Sánchez: Lawyer. 15 years of experience. Specialist in liability, civil, administrative litigation and civil law matters. Maria Dantí Ribas: Lawyer. Specialist in matrimonial law and traffic law. Isabel Larriba: Joan Fenosa Hernández: Lawyer. More than 12 years of experience. Head of the Department of Labor Law. Specialist in Criminal, Civil Law and Master in Family Law.
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