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Andrés Barragán our favorite DJ asked us to program his music portal REMIX. This is how FACTORIA REMIX was born. Factoria Remix is ​​one of the Remix music sales portals. Compete with the most important in the country. Throughout the year, he treasures 22.000 individual songs that are put on sale immediately. With songs from the best Remixers in the world. In 2019 we launched the portal, at the end of the year. It has more than 30 different genres, for example: band, Ecuadorian pump, classic 80 '90', cumbia, dance, dancehall, dembow, duranguenses, hip hop and r & b, house & electronica, latin pop, merengue, mexican, moombahton, national, reggaeton, regge, rock, salsa, tipico, transitions, trap latino, twerk. Etc. To publicize the portal, the FACTORIA REMIX team contacted IndianWebs to give the web greater visibility. Thanks to the great experience in SEM campaigns and having Google advisors as Google Partners, we decided to create several Google Display campaigns aimed at social networks, specifically Facebook, to reach the maximum target audience. From ages between 17-35 years, young audience, residing in Spain, remixer, interested in DJ music and music festivals. PROJECT OPERATION: The client uploads their songs to the website so they can be put on sale. Factoría Remix customers can access the web. Listen to song previews (40 seconds of each song). And later buy them through the bank gateway. Once Factoría Remix checks the bank deposit, the client automatically receives a download link to download the complete song.
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