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Currently, Gremi has more than 250 associated companies between wholesalers and retailers, a figure that represents 70% of the companies in the sector in Catalonia that manage more than 90% of the material that is recovered in this autonomous community. This situation gives our entity great independence and objectivity when working and looking after the interests of the members. The materials recovered by the associated companies are: FERRICAL METALS: steel, iron ... NON-FERRICAL METALS: aluminum, copper, lead, ... PAPER AND CARDBOARD GLASS PLASTIC VEHICLES OUT OF USE DRUMS WOOD TIRES TEXTILE Throughout these years, the managers of waste, they have gone from collecting all kinds of materials to specializing in one type of waste and have become producers of the secondary raw material that supplies the industry for the production of new objects or materials. The waste managers, apart from the economic weight that they have in society, being the majority of family SME companies, represent energy savings and lengthen the life of the planet by avoiding the extraction of raw materials from nature. The Gremi is the support / guide to facilitate the day-to-day of the recuperators, keep them informed of the current legislation, help them to update themselves, give specific training, on the management of RAEES, Plastics, etc ... and resolve doubts or anything that concerns to the recuperators.
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