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Company dedicated to the sale of oranges and extra virgin olive oil of the "arbequina" variety. We are in the town of Antas (Almería). Our micro-climate favors the cultivation of oranges and olives. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, "Arbequina" variety. Our plantation is located in the town of Sorbas (Almería). It gathers among other qualities the 3 Eses: Dry climate, good soil and many hours of sun. The "Extra Virgin" Olive Oil of the Arbequino variety is considered one of the best in the world. NAVELATE the Queen of Oranges. It is undoubtedly the highest quality variety and the one most valued for its juiciness and sweetness. Orange provides vitamin C to our body, necessary and highly recommended for the balance of our health. The consumption of oranges helps our body and our defenses. Antas is a town in the province of Almería. Its microclimate favors the cultivation of oranges, and its production has made it known throughout Europe, distinguishing itself for its flavor and quality. In our farm the oranges are collected and in 24 hours you can enjoy them at your table. The specialization in this fruit and the experience of years of cultivation, means that we can present an orange of the highest quality. We only serve the oranges within their growing season, as we make sure that we can offer them freshly picked and ripened oranges on the tree.
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