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How to protect your Google account

Jose Fco. Llerena

The main reason you have to take into account to protect your Google account is that your personal information can be seen by third parties. Both your computer, as your mobile or tablet and also the information of those with whom you communicate: contacts, photos, videos, emails, etc., can be compromised.

Over the past five years, the way we work and receive correspondence and information has changed a lot. Working in the cloud is already a trend. Therefore, sharing an Excel sheet with coworkers is becoming more and more common. It is also common to have shared folders with private company documentation. A breach in one user's security can put an entire company at risk.

Protect my Google account to avoid hacks and intrusions

Also, not everything has to do with the company or the workplace. It also affects our private and personal lives. With the advent of the digital age, one of the things that has happened is that much of the paper correspondence has disappeared. Obviously, this is for ecological reasons that will benefit our planet in the future. However, we periodically receive information from our bank and on some occasions we receive or request documentation from it. For example, we deposit money or make a transfer at an ATM and request to receive a receipt by email. Another common thing can be to save invoices in Google unit format.

Please note: If you receive many attacks on your account due to your profession, ideology, religion or just want more information about the Advanced Protection Program check the Google website.

Since Google announced that two-step verification will be mandatory, Many are the users who do not know how to do it or ask us what this process requires.

Actually, it is one more way of check to access an account, and that the user has to put a password, or have a mobile phone to complete the action.

At Indianwebs we want to follow Google's path and that is why we also take online security very seriously. For them we want you to make a Web maintenance and follow these important steps on a recurring basis.

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5 steps with which you will protect your Google account

1.Check current security

Check and update your account recovery options

Email and your phone are very effective security tools.

Turn on XNUMX-Step Verification

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, two-step verification is a method that prevents hackers from accessing your account even if they have your password. The second step that is requested avoids identity theft (phishing), which is one of the most common. This practice is associated with the reception of SMS messages and emails for the most part.

Deny or remove access to your data to those risky applications

Remove access to your account to those applications that are not really essential, to better protect your information.

Activate screen locks

We often log in at work and this is one of the most common problems for a device to get hacked. By the screen lock and you will protect your devices so that nobody uses them without your permission.

2.Update the software

Keep your software updated to protect your Google account and ...

  • Refresh the browser
  • Update the operating system
  • Update Android devices
  • Update Chromebooks
  • Update Android apps
  • Activate Google Play Protect (Google Play Protect allows you to protect Android devices against harmful applications)

3.Use strong and unique passwords

If you use the same password on multiple websites, you are making your account more vulnerable. If a hacker got hold of it, it could be dangerous, as they would use it to access your account.

Make sure to create a strong, secure and unique password by mixing numbers and letters, upper and lower case and symbols if possible for each account.

Manage passwords

Our recommendation is that you use a password manager to create and manage strong, secure and unique passwords.

If you want to know if the passwords of your Google account have been compromised, are weak or are used in several accounts, you can use the function Password check.

Protect your password against hackers

You can activate the Chrome extension Password Protection Alert. With this method, you can check if the website in question is being spoofed and you can change your password if it is stolen.

4.Uninstall all non-essential browser applications and extensions

By downloading unknown apps on your device, you can make it vulnerable to hackers. The more you download, the more vulnerable it will be and put your sensitive and personal information at risk. Therefore, always download the applications that are essential only. Avoid downloading unknown or unknown browser applications or extensions to protect your devices and personal information.

In any case, you can do the following:

  • Delete or disable apps on Android devices
  • Uninstall extensions from Chrome
  • Uninstall apps or extensions from Chromebooks

5.Learn how to protect your Google account against suspicious messages and content

Hackers achieve their objectives through means such as sending emails, SMS, phone calls and even web pages made the same as the one impersonated to impersonate family or co-workers, banks, institutions, etc.

We recommend the following:

Avoid suspicious requests

  • Never reveal your passwords. Google will never ask you for your password by email, SMS or phone call.
  • Do not answer emails, SMS, instant messages, web pages or phone calls that may be suspicious and that, above all, request personal or financial information.
  • Be very careful when clicking on links in those emails, messages, web pages, or pop-ups from websites that you don't trust.

Avoid suspicious emails

Gmail has been developed to protect your account by automatically identifying suspicious emails and files them as Spam. But if, in any case, Google does not identify these emails and you have suspicions, you have to:

  • Check if a Gmail message could be fake.
  • Check if the email address and the sender's name match.
  • If you see that an email may be suspicious, please report it for spam o phishing so that Gmail can block similar messages in the future.

If you are using Gmail from your computer, hover over a link without clicking on it. You should always look at the web address that appears at the bottom left and check that it is the one you wanted to see.

Avoid suspicious web pages

The development of Google Chrome and its search engine has taken into account all this type of suspicious content and unwanted software and alerts you when something dangerous is detected for your devices.

Last but not least, there are private emails with family and friends that we want to keep safe. In short, looking at the current landscape, let's try to protect your Google account from hackers, as the vast majority of users use Google's popular Gmail service.

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