How to reduce the abandonment of online shopping carts

Many online stores focus on getting the highest number of visits since they understand that the more users arrive, the more likely it is to make a sale. But it is also very important to try to reduce abandonment in the purchase process.

The ability of the consumer to navigate between different online stores makes the abandonment rate of carts in the purchase process high: numerous studies agree that the abandonment rate is around 70%.

1.- Without the obligation of having to start from scratch, offer the possibility of modifying the products of the shopping cart, such as the number of units, the color or the size.

2.- Offer the possibility of saving the cart with all the products previously added because, sometimes, the customer starts the purchase, the purchase at a bad time. Thus, the user has the possibility to enter and make the purchase again at another time.

3.- Show the cart throughout the web, so that the customer can view the products purchased (or in which he is interested) momentarily, their price and total cost.

4.- Show the customer what part or percentage of the purchase process they are in. Obviously, it is recommended that said process be as short as possible so that the user does not end up losing interest in the purchase.

5.- Adding quality images and complete descriptions to the product leads to greater confidence on the part of the user towards electronic commerce, since they convey a more professional character.

6.- Reduce the shipping cost as much as possible, making discounts depending on the number of products purchased, setting standard costs independent of the purchase volume or even offering free shipping if the price of the purchase is high.

7.- The more payment methods offered in store purchases, the more customers will be willing to buy, since they will have at their disposal the form of payment that best suits their preferences and / or needs.

8.- Highlight offers to encourage the customer to make the purchase at that moment, especially if said offers are complementary to the purchase made.

9.- It is important that the customer has the possibility of contacting the online store at any time he is browsing it.

10.- Reduce the delivery time of the purchase as much as possible, because in physical stores the customer can take the product to the moment. For this reason, it is very important that in online purchases the waiting time to receive the purchase is as short as possible.

11.- It is essential for customers to know that the online store is safe and risk-free, so it is advisable to contract an SSL Security Certificate. You can also put the logos of the banks, guarantees and other attributes that the company has to generate confidence in the customer when making the purchase.

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