About me

Alberto González González


What I do

Programming / Design / Servers


December 15, 1987
The entrevista

About me Alberto González González

So that you could know a little more about Alberto González González We leave you a quick interview. In our company we are aware that the value we provide depends on our human team, its capabilities and its values.

Position in the company:
Project Manager, sounds good.

How do you define yourself?
TOPIC! I am as I am, Alberto González.

How do your friends see you?
According to the RAE: A friend is a person who has personal affection, pure and disinterested, shared with another person, who is born and strengthened by treatment. What are they going to say about me that I'm great !!!! We can also ask him.

Reading, photography, hiking, napping ... chatting ... watching some series, documentaries, traveling, architecture, getting to know ...

Blogs you follow:
Blogs that I follow ?? I think any.

Last book read:
The Trojan horse, by JJ Benitez, no, I'm reading this one. Your face tomorrow 2 Dance and dream of Javier Marías.

Your second favorite movie:
I have not seen her yet. I don't have a favorite movie, maybe a favorite soundtrack, yes, I recommend Tu Vida in 65 minutes ...

Everyone, each color has its moment. What do the colors smell like?

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