About me

Jose Fco. Llerena Martinez


The entrevista

About Jose Fco. Llerena Martinez

So that you could know a little more about Jose Fco. Llerena Martinez We leave you a quick interview. In our company we are aware that the value we provide depends on our human team, its capabilities and its values.

Position in the company

Chief Operating

How you define yourself
Proactive and enterprising
How your friends see you
As someone who solves their problems in the digital world, no seriously, I'm really someone to lean on to have a coffee and talk about anything.
Cinema, traveling and family
Blogs you follow:
Joan Boluda, Luis Villaneva, Jose Facchin, Jose Argudo
Last book read:
I'm reading The Little Prince again, but now in Catalan
Your second favorite movie:
I don't have a favorite, it depends on the moment and the company I like one or the other.

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