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About me Laura Jiménez

So that you could know a little more about Laura Jiménez We leave you a quick interview. In our company we are aware that the value we provide depends on our human team, its capabilities and its values.
Position in the company
Marketing Manager of Coworking.
How do you define yourself :?
Like a Swiss Army knife: adaptable. Creative, organized, decisive. Always eager to start new projects, share and learn things.
How do your friends see you?
With good eyes 😉
Write, listen to music at all hours, watch good movies, escape to the mountains, travel.
Blogs you follow
Colossal, Contently, Search Engine Watch, Terrible Minds, Yorokobu, JotDown, Tinta Chida, Brain Pickings,… and many more than you should.
Last book read
Chuck Palahniuk Choking    
Your second favorite movie
Magnolia probably. It's hard to be left with just one.
Dark green, black, garnet.

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