About me

Marcos Guerrero

Managing Director

What I do

Programming / Design / Servers


December 15, 1987
The entrevista

About me Marcos Guerrero

So that you could know a little more about Marcos Guerrero We leave you a quick interview. In our company we are aware that the value we provide depends on our human team, its capabilities and its values.

Position in the company:

How do you define yourself?
With a business vocation

How do your friends see you?
As a faithful and unconditional friend, with whom you can have fun in moments of joy and will support you in low moments.

I always try to take advantage of the time to continue my training. And of course I like to spend family time and enjoy my son, who is five years old.

Blogs you follow:
Those of Enrique Dans, Joan Boluda, Applesfera and Pymes and self-employed.

Last book read:
Steve Jobs biography.

Your favorite movie:
I like Woody Allen, Alfred Hitchcok, and Tarantino, but I don't have any header movies.


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