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Hello friends, this is me ...

Geronimo Seo

Who is Gerónimo Seo?

You have entered my section! I am Gerónimo, the IndianWebs Blogger. I have been the head of my town for a long time but my true passion is writing. Here at IndianWebs, at the island of the indians, all my posts are bestsellers! But how? Don't you know them? Those customer stories are as interesting as Google's algorithm, and as entertaining as entering Instagram on a Sunday afternoon ...

In Definitive, captivating stories,

My biography

Born in IwLand (Island of the Indians), Geronimo Seo He has a degree in Indiology of Indion Literature and Comparative Archaeoindionic Philosophy.
For 20 years he directs The Web of the Month, the newspaper with the largest circulation in IWLAND. Has been awarded the prize Indianitzer for their reports.
Geronimo also obtained the Millennium Technology Award 2019 as character of the year and one of his articles won the award for the Use and diffusion of ICT. In his spare time, Gerónimo Seo collects likes on his social networks and plays golf with the Google algorithm, but above all he loves websites well done y Quick.

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