Innovation in password management

The correct and effective handling of passwords is a great headache for some, the ideal would be a password that we do not forget and that cannot be stolen from us, but the most approximate would be the readers of fingerprints or retinal recognition and they are too expensive to think about it.

The Motorola company is experimenting with some rather unusual solutions, which go even beyond eye or touch recognition.

1.- The electronic tattoo


At a conference, they unveiled an electronic chip that adheres to the skin. It has a circuit so that devices such as smartphones can identify it.

2.- The password pill


Another experimental idea is a pill that, after ingested, transmits a signal to devices outside the body. The pill does not need batteries because its source of energy is stomach acid.

Obviously, both inventions are in the experimental phase and Motorola has stated that they will not be for sale anytime soon.

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