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Instagram and Snapchat, the social networks of rich young people

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, the percentage of young Americans between the ages of 13 and 17 who surfs the Internet daily amounts to 92%, among whom 24% do so constantly. 56% of adolescents say they connect more than once a day, which is logical with the accessibility of mobile phones with the Internet that exists today. 12% say they do it only once a day, 6% on the weekend and 2% say they connect even less frequently.

Most young people use the internet to connect to their social media profiles. 71% of respondents use Facebook, 52% Instagram, 41% Snapchat, 33% Twitter and Google Plus, 14% I came and closed Tumbrl with 11%.

Choosing one social network or another depends on the socioeconomic level. Despite the fact that Facebook is preferred by adolescents regardless of said socioeconomic level, the percentage mentioned above decreases in the case of young people from wealthy families.

Thus, young Americans living in households with incomes below $ 50.000 a year primarily use Facebook. Specifically, 49% say it is their preferred social network. However, when their household income exceeds $ 50.000, the percentage decreases 12 points (37%).

Among the richest, the use of Instagram and Snapchat is quite comparable to that of Facebbok. 25% of young people whose family that enters more than $ 100.000 affirms that their favorite social network is Instagram, only six points below Facebook, which represents 31%).

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