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The importance of a professional website maintenance service

Jose Fco. Llerena

Why do professional web maintenance?

Failures in the operation of a web page can cause many problems such as incompatibility with it. The installation of plugins in turn can increase the risks of vulnerability in terms of web security.

Keep your website plugins updated It is something essential and very important, although it is not an easy task, because generally with these updates some incompatibility problems arise.

In addition, other problems may arise, which have a solution and others that are much more complicated, but in any case it is best that you have one backup your site, because what can happen is that everything you have worked for is totally lost.

As the page grows, due to the number of entries, plugins, images and others, we will see how the problems that arise in turn grow, and that perhaps we think we can solve them.

Keep in mind that these problems, no matter how small they may seem, can accumulate and affect the proper functioning and performance of the website.

The most common drawbacks or problems in these cases are usually the following:

  • Slow downloads and navigation on other pages
  • Server disk storage space issues
  • Periodic update and review of wordpress components
  • Configuration and administration of plugins for conflict resolution
  • Security dangers due to vulnerability to virus and cyber attacks
  • Modifications to achieve effects that provide a better image to the web, in the theme, style sheet and code
Professional web maintenance

Types of WEB page maintenance

Generally, there are several types but before hire a WEB maintenance you should know what they are. Regardless of whether you have a WordPress site or any other CMS, a custom development or an ecommerce, these are the best known web maintenance:

Professional preventive web maintenance

When you perform preventive maintenance on a WEB page, you look for minimize risks and operational shutdowns through periodic tasks such as WEB page update, correction of links, eliminate spam, database cleaning and image compression among others.

By doing this, you will ensure that the maintenance of your website is carried out in very short periods. Any problem is only a matter of a couple of minutes and you can be sure that your site will work at best possible state.

Corrective professional web maintenance

Corrective web page maintenance happens when there is a failure that needs to be addressed to guarantee the security, performance or functionality of your WEB site, such as the application of a special update of a security enhancement or the correction of a search error in a search engine.

It is considered a more complex maintenance and sometimes it can make you have to put your website under maintenance for a longer period of time depending on the modifications to be made.


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