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Social media for business

If we are told that a company uses traditional methods to advertise and promote quickly, we will hang the "outdated" poster for them. Those repetitive television spots, even the announcements so characteristic of the radio world, have been left behind.

The traditional is being devoured by new technologies and, in this specific case, the ship is commanded by social networks or social media.

After incorporating these tools into your business you will ask yourself: "What next?", We provide you with the answer to this question with these five concepts:

1. Know the target audience

For any campaign to be effective we must be very clear on whom to target. If that aspect is a bit tarnished, we can take advantage of the solidarity of our friend the Internet. With Google Analytics we can know at what time of day our website has the most traffic. Traffic that we can break down to know the age, gender and geographic location of each of the users.

So if from 12 to 13 hours a high number of women from northern Spain enter our website, we are facing the best time to publish content since the chances of this reaching their screens are high.

2. Discover needs to be met

If we want to quantify what customers want, there is no better way to do it than on social networks. Through surveys, for example. It is simple, it does not suppose a great cost and it is of great help so that these small businesses can grow in the market.

3. Understand what our audience is looking for

There are tools like Google Traffic Estimator that what they do is communicate what content you should incorporate into your campaign. Publishing content that nobody is looking for is a waste of time and, as you can see, it is avoidable with the wide range of possibilities that the virtual world offers us.

4. Draw attention

Once you know what they are looking for, offer them the same. Work on it, continue to research, write and publish. Always looking for your reaction. Feedback is very important in all areas of the business world.

5. Analyze your content

Continuous adaptation, knowing how to adapt and learning from mistakes is vital. To achieve business success many steps must be taken forward but in this process it is necessary to take small steps back. Don't be afraid, for example, to post two totally different messages and see which one works best. Without a doubt, it is the best way to use social networks.

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