New website! Let's go premiere.

New website! Let's go premiere.

From IndianWebs, we are excited to share with all our clients the launch of our new WebSite.

Here you can find all the information about our services.

You will also find a news section where we will inform you of the latest news from our company such as products, documentation, events and news from the sector.

We redesigned our website this year 2020. The new Indianwebs website provides a design more in line with the current web design trend. Much faster and more direct. With this new website, in IndianWebs we take a big step forward. 

The reprogramming of the entire website of IndianWebs to make it fully editable by ourselves. It includes from examples of webs made, news, equipment, ads with videos and the Jerónimo Seo section, which we are sure you will like.

The website is programmed in PHP and WordPress, which allows enormous growth capacity.

For those most interested in the world of programming, here are the main technical characteristics:

Content Manager

  • WordPress5.2.5

Hosting Panel

  • Plesk


  • Google Analytics


  • WordPress 5.2.5

JavaScript Framework

  • Element UI


  • Twitter Emoji (Twemoji)
  • Gravatar

Web Server

  • Apache

Programming language

  • PHP7.1.28


  • MySQL

Tag Manager

  • Google Tag Manager

JavaScript Libraries

  • jQuery1.12.4
  • jQuery Migrate1.4.1


  • UIKit


We invite you not to waste another minute and enjoy our new website. We hope that this new website is to your liking!

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