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A plugin of WordPress for to help you in the tedious work of take note of the changes on a website.

Improve communication between the Webmaster and the client.

In our web agency, when a client asks us for changes and improvements to their website, we have to open the browser and start taking notes of everything they say. It's a mess. It is very common that we need to take note of this detail or that color or that text. Or simply, we have had an idea or improvement that if we start a Sublime program or do something else before, we may forget it. The useful Post-It tools were always there, but with the arrival of new technologies, we have been getting rid of them. However, we don't have to give up its essence thanks to our "Plugin Ask me for changes". It allows the client to enter the web and the user can easily write the changes. The changes are automatically saved in the exact position. And the webmaster only has to read and mark each one as resolved.

The client writes the changes in the form of notes comfortably while browsing and consulting their website. And those notes remain hooked to the web. As if it were sticky notes.

Interesting WordPress plugin for taking notes online

Plugin Ask me for changes is a Plugin for Web Agencies with which customers can create quick notes of the web that has it installed. This plugin can be very interesting for freelancers or people who dedicate themselves to programming and laying out websites on WordPress. Because thanks to the plugin, clients can use the notes anchored on the screen to experience changes frequently. It allows to save the information in an ordered, numbered, related and linked way.

Once installed it is only necessary to click the New Button to create a note, related to the page we are visiting. We can also create different notes.

We have the icon to see all the notes, another to see the notes on the current page.

It is a very interesting extension to work online with our clients.


  • It is like sticky notes on your designs and web projects.
  • Customer feedback has never been easier.
  • Point, click and write interactive comments on top of your image mockups and live site layouts.
  • Changes to the website made easy
  • Manage clear and contextual comments directly on your website.
  • Effortless collaboration between teams.
  • Get clear customer feedback
  • Say goodbye to hide requests and long unreadable email strings.
  • Stay organized, save time and go ahead with the project.


The installation of this plugin is the same as all WordPress.


  1. Upload directory ask me for changes in the path / wp-content / plugins /
  2. Activate the plugin in the 'Plugins' section of the WordPress menu
  3. Access the section Ask me for changes in the WordPress menu and start configuring the plugin.
Plugin Ask me for changes
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