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Why should you have a blog on your corporate website?

In the middle of 2019, most companies, whatever their size, conceive the presence of a blog on their web pages as something essential to increase their competitiveness. Entering it, seeing it updated, full of striking headlines and with quality content provides a very positive feeling of dynamism for the receiver. But what else does a good blog bring to our web pages?

SEO positioning, a compelling reason

The main reason to bet on having a good blog is the results it brings to the company's SEO. Without having to spend even more money on a digital marketing campaign, this sometimes forgotten tool on our website allows us to appear on the first pages of search engines. This is even more effective if we are able to select good keywords and also place them in the first lines of our text.

Google likes your blog

And if we talk about search engines, we can not ignore the true star of all of them. TO Google he likes dynamic pages, constantly updatedSo each new entry is a breath of fresh air for Sundar Pichai's company. Further, Google also values ​​very positively that people spend more time on our page, as well as the creating links to our publications by other portals. In this way, if we manage to attract readers, we can to hold back with content that meets your needs and interests.

More content for our social networks

Sometimes, it is not easy to generate traffic on social networks. Lack of ideas, news events that can be told or the absence of an interactive audience can lead to their abandonment, something that can never report anything good to any company. Therefore, each entry in our blog gives us a great opportunity to make it known to the world. And not just on the day we first published it. Since followers come and go and are not always the same, we can retrieve that content to make sure they know it. And if we can encourage our workers to spread them from their profiles, even better!

Customer loyalty

And if we like something in IndianWebs is to work for our clients. If we previously mentioned the importance of all the company's staff feeling involved, there is nothing better than creating that feeling in our clients. When they visit us, it never goes without saying that they can follow us on our blog to learn more about us, how we work and find answers to specific issues.

As you can see, the only downside to creating a blog and keeping it updated is time. Many times, we have other tasks of greater importance for the operation of the company, so we cannot focus on writing regularly. But if we have the possibility to do it -or someone do it for us-, we should not miss the opportunity. As the popular saying goes, "knowledge does not take place", so our blog does not.

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