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Why is it essential to do Social Media Marketing?

Elizabeth De Leon

A question of this type, until a few years ago, in Italy, would have received a dry answer, such as: «I don't know», or «It is not essential!», Or «I don't know, the important thing is to invoice! «».

Today many companies are investing more and more on the Web Marketing side, also on the Social Media side, of course, because they have realized that they can no longer do without it. Being Social, in fact, means guaranteeing your online presence, communicating directly with users, being "close" to people, understanding their needs and trying to satisfy their needs, entertain and excite them, bring them closer to your brand, make your products, values ​​and company ideas.

Social Media Marketing is not to sell. At least clearly and strikingly. Social Media Marketing is used to listen to customers, talk to them, "always be there" for them, give them feedback: the sale is a natural consequence of the relationship of knowledge and trust that has been established between the brand and the user. . . It may be that the person first sees a product of interest in Facebook, then search for information on Google (blog and forum), ask about the site, view and click (because you are really interested!) the Facebook Ads ad, then close the computer and decide to make the purchase within a few days. The Social, in this case, did not trigger the immediate purchase, but it contributed strongly to the conversion in the user's Customer Journey.

So why is social media marketing essential today?

  1. Generate Awareness : it is through Social Networks that many people become aware of a fact, a product / service, a brand.
  2. Bring the company / brand closer to people : allows the company to communicate with potential customers -> humanization
  3. Allows you to solve that problems of clients quickly and efficiently -> Customer service
  4. It helps improve (if done professionally) brand reputation
  5. Contributes to the sales process of a product / service, although indirectly and sometimes in the medium-long term

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