Why it is important to have a responsive web

Why it is important to have a responsive web

With the advancement of technology, we live day by day with different types of needs that as users we want companies to cover. If you are part of the internet, then you will have your own web page, which you will have created in order to provide your users with the best information and the possibility of selling services. If you don't have one today responsive web, you are missing out on the possibility of reaching a greater number of people in addition to using it as a positioning.

What is a responsive web

When we browse, we do it through different platforms such as a home computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. When the web adapts to these types of environments and allows the user to navigate easily, it means that it is a responsive web. In cases where you enter a website and find it difficult to see all the information or check it, then it will be a website that does not adapt to these platforms and therefore, a somewhat old website.

A responsive web design allows the web page to be adapted to the type of screen on which it is being viewed with all its functions.


Advantages of having a responsive web





  • -Helps to have greater ease in reading and usability of users when they do it on different types of mobile devices, which then increases the number of users who visit you from tablets or mobiles.
  • -For Google it is an important factor in web positioning.
  • -Both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords work on websites that are responsive, so if you want to have them in your company, it is best to change your website to a responsive design.

With all the above, it is clear that not having a website with these characteristics could affect us too much, so the recommendation is to be able to have a responsive web design as soon as possible so as not to miss the possibility of being seen on different devices and also take advantage the SEO


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