Adwords campaign budget How much do I need?

One way to properly position ourselves on the internet is through the use of tools such as Adwords. It is a tool that Google makes available in order to increase sales and achieve greater success both in the online store and on a web page. But knowing what budget for adwords campaign to invest is not something that can be decided lightly. It is necessary to carry out an analysis in order to really reach the desired objective.

Steps to determine your Adwords campaign budget

  • Analysis: First, an analysis of the keywords is required. The best tool for this is Google Keywords Planner where we can see how our keywords are positioned and the general search volume that exists in them.

By clicking on each of the keywords, a personalized action plan will be generated.

  • Final budget: When you have finished selecting which keywords you are going to want to use for your Adwords campaign, three different types of budgets will appear. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you best. You can choose between a low, medium or high budget. From there you will have an approximate budget as well as the number of monthly visits that your website may have and along with it the investment conversion rate.

Of course, from there, it is your decision to determine how much money to invest per month in the campaign budget in Adwords. It is precisely the conversion rate that will make that investment be amortized or not.

For this reason, it is that we always say that in these cases, it is best to have the help of experts who help us in the first place, to study very well what is the key word to work so that we are investing in keywords that are worth worth it and really bring traffic to our website.

And secondly, preparing the budget that we previously mentioned also requires some knowledge since it is not a 100% mathematical rule, so the budget for campaign in Adwords can vary from one case to another.

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