Rumors about the new iPhone

With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus established in the market and adding a number of sales quite attractive, the rumors about the new version begin to prowl the world of technology.

Everything suggests that the line used so far will be continued and that the model will be released under the name of iPhone 6S. However, there are several sources that assure that a very high qualitative leap will be taken and will directly go to the iPhone 7, whose device would include some very considerable improvements.

They talk about a new camera and there has also been a lot of repercussion around the possibility of incorporating Force Touch technology, used in the new MacBook.

In the most technical aspect they point out, the first leaks, which will work with an A9 processor manufactured by Samsung. The reason why they have selected competing services is because they were the ones who presented the most favorable economic offer. The RAM will improve and will become 2GB and the camera will offer 12 megapixels instead of the 8 that the current version has.

The Force Touch technology, mentioned above, is a system that allows four levels of pressure through the multiple sensors of the Touchpad. This offers multiple enhancements to touch screen devices. For example, turning the volume up or down by pressing harder on the screen.

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