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SEO Monitor: a tool to monitor position in Google

Elizabeth De Leon

Among the many existing tools that accompany the professional journey of many SEOs, SEO Monitor stands out, a really useful and effective tool.

What are SERP monitoring tools?

The tools to monitor the SERP, or organic results within a particular search engine are helpful for professionals to understand the progress of the website being optimized and to understand fluctuations due to algorithm updates or new filters.

That said, we know that organic results and ranking depend on several factors and even the SERP shown to the end user can be different based on some parameters, such as:

  • Search IP
  • Authenticated user in GooglePlus
  • Geolocated searches
  • Universal search
  • Google hummingbird
  • etc ...

Consequently, these parameters can give some variation (even minimal) of the SERPs that are displayed on a specific keyword.

In this scenario, the SERP tracking tools come into play, which, based on certain keywords, give the average position of the site in that search engine.

SEO Monitor and keyword research

SEOMonitor  is a web tool to monitor the presence of a website in organic search results. But not only.

First of all, you can register and test the tool for free: to take full advantage of its potential, it is necessary to connect everything to Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Once this procedure is completed, we have everything necessary to analyze our web but also that of our competitors.

We can, for example, see how many visits or conversions a certain keyword generates:

It is possible to monitor the positioning of certain keywords:

Unlike other tools, SEO Monitor It also finds keywords from your website URL and suggests some keywords to use in your online marketing campaigns.

Among the various functions, the analysis and comparison with competitor sites and the analysis of online mentions are very interesting.

In short, a really useful and complete tool that I recommend you try to have the 360 ​​° online visibility of your website under control.

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