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IndianWebs offers APPS and contests on Facebook: They are fashion apps that promote rapid dissemination. They allow users to compete with each other for a prize, for a status or position in a certain ranking, or simply for fun. Whether it is a simple Christmas contest, a virtual race or a Trivial question and answer, these applications are among the most popular and with exponential growth. They are known for being simple, fun for all ages, and extremely viral in nature.

IndianWebs offers Facebook apps and games: Entertainment to serve your goals through simple flash, RPG, or strategy games. Games can encompass a wide range of possibilities, from relatively simple casual games to complex multi-user role-playing games. Of great diffusion and virality. , the games are highly eye-catching, interactive and deeply loyal applications. Facebook's gaming platforms have undoubtedly been very successful.

IndianWebs offers APPs and gifts on Facebook: Virtual gifts are very popular due to the theme on which they are based. Giving and offering gifts to the people we care about is an ancient tradition. Bringing her into the virtual world was beyond question. With e-cards and e-gifts (personalized messages and gifts), these applications can be directed towards any desired theme.