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App iPhone - iPad - Android

We develop all kinds of APPS for mobiles and tablets

At IndianWebs we develop native applications, cross-platform applications (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone), Application and adaptation management, WebApps. Business applications and for the general public. We develop iOS applications with the native tools that Apple offers us, in order to offer the best user experience. We understand mobility software solutions as any solution that allows the user to access or send information from their mobile device. At IndianWebs we develop the conception and design of the solution architecture and the development of APPS for mobile devices on any platform (iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Phone). At IndianWebs we are also in charge of developing backend (intranet) software for updating the APP. The IndianWebs solution has as a differential feature that they are easy to use, intuitive and meet quality standards. Native applications are made with the tools of each manufacturer, for Apple xCode is used, for Android its SDK, etc. This specificity implies its own development for each platform, the advantages of which are to maximize the efficiency, speed and performance of the application, while at the same time making the most of the characteristics of the device. We have made many applications, you can see our examples:

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