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Multichannel Shipping

Send e-mails, sms and faxes

If you need a personalized package, of more than 20.000 SMS, contact us by phone, chat or email, and we will make a tailor-made proposal. Everything you need for your SMS shipments. Personalized agendas. Number of fields available for the contacts in your phonebook. User groups and customizable variables. Personalize content and create groups of shipments by profiles. Sending to multiple destinations isAmb just one click send SMS to all your contacts. Customizable senderSend SMS as if you were doing it from your mobile Ability to schedule shipments at a date and time Unique, daily, weekly, monthly or annual shipments. Manage your contact bookPots import user and phone lists. Import and export of agendas via CSV or TXT. Access through API and Web Services. For your own applications. Application user management. The same account can be used by several people. Automatic reports with shipping results, delivery confirmation and the status of your account. SMS packages do not expire Benefit from the best prices on high volume packages. Shipping web application. To send SMS messages, recharge credits, see the agenda.