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Usability study

Don't lose any more clients

Some of the benefits of investing in usability: Offer an agile and easy-to-use website for users. Build customer loyalty and improve the image of the company. Avoid losing customers who leave the web out of frustration. Increase sales. Improve customer satisfaction and encourage the website to be recommended. Reduce costs related to customer service. Etc ... Designers care about design, content editors and code programmers. But what about users? Do they really do what we think? Our experience told us no and that is why we looked for a quick and easy way to close the circle. IndianWebs allows a usability study to be carried out in a simple way, saving time and allowing a substantial improvement in the understanding of problems at the user experience level. The results have helped us to make decisions that have improved the results of our website. What is a user test? The screen and the comments aloud from the users are recorded while they perform representative tasks on a web, with the aim of identifying the points where they have problems. When the test is completed, you receive a video (for each user) where you see their screen and listen to their comments while explaining the difficulties they encounter when carrying out the tasks on your website (you can decide the tasks). The test also includes a document with the written answers of the users to 5 questions, that you want, about the operation of your website. A test with users allows you to see the web from the users' point of view and, therefore, it is the most realistic and effective way to discover what does not work, users cannot find, or what prevents them from carrying out their tasks successfully. It is a very useful tool that will help you make the right decisions in the different aspects that must be considered when creating a website.