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Content manager

Create and maintain your website with ease

Content Managers have an interface that controls one or more databases where the website is hosted. The IndianWebs CMS allows you to manage and administer the information on a web page, in such a way that we can create, modify or delete any content on our website without the need for great computer knowledge. In this way we will carry out the maintenance of our website easily and simply. We work with both our own CMS and open source (Open Source) such as: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. The CMS Joomla! allows you to develop dynamic and interactive websites. It is open source software, developed in PHP and released under the GPL license. This content manager can be used on a local PC (on Localhost), on an Intranet or through the Internet and requires a database created with a MySQL manager, as well as an Apache HTTP server for its operation. Another CMS can be WordPress, an advanced publishing platform, with its respective web standards and usability. Put more simply, WordPress is the system you use when you want to work with your online publishing tool instead of fighting with it. Developed in PHP and MySQL, under GPL license and modifiable code, its founder is Matt Mullenweg. Finally Drupal, another content management system and blogging engine. It is free, under the GNU / GPL license, written in PHP, developed and maintained by an active community of users. It stands out for the quality of its code and the pages generated, respect for web standards, and a special emphasis on the usability and consistency of the entire system.

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