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We develop private areas protected by username and password, which allow the exchange of data within the same local network. An Intranet must be a set of company content and services, arranged in such a way that the company's workers can collaborate effectively without being physically close. The IndianWebs intranets have their main function in providing business logic that allows work groups to carry out their activity and provide users with the necessary tools to interact with each other. The intranet is a vital part of most companies or users who need to exchange information privately, sharing data and documents with each other. We program the intranet with different levels of users, so that each level has only limited access to the information they really need, being able to update only what they are expected to update. There are usually other administrator profiles, who will have full access to the application and the users who can access it. With your intranet, regardless of the operating system they have installed, you can access without having to install anything since all computers have a web browser.

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