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Writing texts

The best content for your website

At IndianWebs we think that the most important content of all web pages is found in texts and newsrooms, even in those cases where images take center stage on the web. This means that the web designer must pay special attention to how the texts are available. Users read less and less on the internet. Scientific studies indicate that the fatigue experienced in reading texts on a computer is much greater than in print media, and that the reading speed is faster in the latter. In addition, due to the expectations that are had on one and the other medium, the service time of the users of these two media is different, being much shorter in the users of web pages. These special characteristics of web pages mean that the production, layout and the way the texts are presented must be especially careful, as neglecting this aspect could cause a loss of users. Regarding the writing of texts for the web at IndianWebs, we recommend that the most important thing when writing texts for web pages, is that you should use approximately half of the words used in the print media to develop a topic, taking into account Account what has already been said about the attention time of internet users. Each paragraph must contain only one idea. This greatly speeds up reading and simplifies comprehension of the text in general. Just as attention time decreases, its quality is significantly lower in electronic media.