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Responsive Web

Adaptive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design: Responsive Web Design allows you to create websites that adapt to the width of the device you are browsing, allowing you to have a single design for desktop, mobile and tablet computers. A very interesting aspect of this new technology is that not only does the design change when the width of the device changes, but also the size of the images is adjusted. Benefits of Responsive Web Design: Cost reduction. The costs are reduced since until today a portal must be made for the Web and another for mobile devices. This leads to higher costs for creating and maintaining information. Update efficiency. The site only needs to be updated once and is reflected on all platforms. When we have the independent portals for Web and Mobile, the update must be carried out twice, creating the need for more resources and the possibility of error. Improve usability and conversion. This technology contributes to usability and conversion. Studies have been carried out that show that when the visitor's entire screen is used, the conversion increases. Impact on the visitor. This new technology generates an impact on people who see it in action, which will allow it to associate the brand with creativity and innovation.

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