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Street view for your business

Attract more customers with Business View

Street View has been with us for a long time and allows us to pretend that we are in a place with 360º views. Well, Google has gone one step further and is collecting 360 photos of businesses to introduce them in places, in this way we can see businesses from the inside before going to them physically. Very useful for example to see what a hotel, restaurant etc ... is like before going.

IndianWebs offers you this 360 degree photography service. With Google Street View your customers can now enter your store. This is part of a commercial strategy and aims to bring business closer to customers. Google Street View is going to be updated allowing businesses, restaurants, or stores to show their space in this Google service. This will also allow, in the near future, that from Google Street View you can make purchases in those stores.

The operating mechanics of the Google tour with Street View technology is the same as the display of photos on the streets of Google Maps. The way of traveling on a virtual visit is intuitive and makes available to future clients the possibility of getting to know our facilities, turning visual information into an experience of proximity and closeness that inspires trust, security and transparency.

There is no support that offers more visibility at a lower cost than that of panoramic photographs using Google technology. When we look for information we all do it on Google and this is a tool for the future that companies with agility for change can already have today.

With this online presence everyone will know about the shops open to the public, they will see what service or product we offer, where and how we do our activity. When someone does a Google search about our products or services, the search engine will provide visual information about the interior route, schedules, location on the Maps, GPS link to get to the store, comments and publications from the business owner.

Today Street View is available in more than 3.000 cities and 53 countries, and in hundreds of iconic places around the world, such as Tower Bridge in London, Champs Elysees Avenue in Paris or Fifth Avenue in New York.