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At IndianWebs we take care of updating all the content of your website, texts and images, in addition to providing you with a correct adaptation to new technologies, guaranteeing quality in the developed web code and its correct display in different browsers.
With your VIP web maintenance, IndianWebs will perform all the tasks necessary to keep your website up to date, such as inserting new complete sections on the website, we carry out all types of tasks for your web positioning as a sales strategy, maintenance of paid advertising campaigns (Google Adwords or similar), creation and insertion of new static pages within the Web, design and programming of animated banners through the new jQuery technology, we adapt the entire website to different mobile devices and tablets, creation of Newsletters and / or newsletters, improve the functionality of existing elements through programming, etc. IndianWebs web maintenance of your website, not only provides the peace and security necessary for your website, but also gives you some added values ​​as a good image for your customers: we work and improve our product. We provide you with all the latest information possible on how much web technology level. We improved its positioning in search engines, since they rate and value the upward changes in Pagerank and position in Google, among others. Remember, with IndianWebs web maintenance we will update your web page to include news, strengthen your security and offer more services to your potential customers.

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