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One of the best methods to publicize your company outside the network is by printing business cards. Although some think that they are deprecated or that they represent a delay, they do not take into account the added value that having a good, striking and innovative design can represent.

If you include the QR code in the business card you will get visits to your website through SmartPhone and Tablets in addition to giving your company a modern point.

You should also add the social networks you have (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, Google+) so that they see that you are a company that takes into account the online presence and the dynamism of your publications.

This way of attracting customers to your business allows to highlight the personal image of the entrepreneur and the design and printing costs of business cards are low but the benefits are high since these are a very important element in the business world.

Finally, the business card must present a perfect image of the company. You can add a photo of yourself, the product or a combination of both. And use a slogan, a beneficial phrase ...

Examples of Business Cards with good business design:

1.- Dentist


2.- Creative Media


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