Twitter will never be as big as Facebook

Strong, categorical, conclusive, categorical and forceful analysts such as Felix Richter or Shea Bennett have been in assuring that Twitter will never be as big as Facebook. Affirmation that is born after exhaustively studying the growth of the world's leading microblogging service and after comparing it with the evolution of Mark Zuckerberg's social network. 284 million users are immersed in Twitter, which grows at a rate of 23%.

In the percentage of the rate of said growth is the crux of the matter. When Facebook handled the same number of users, it progressed above 200% and its increase was not reduced to 25%, which was when it exceeded one billion registered Internet users. It is these data that throw back investors who once bet on this creation of Jack Dorsey although, as some experts point out, his latest results on the stock market are more than acceptable.

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