MARCH 2016 App: Lights in the Dark

Adapting to new technologies and allowing more audiences to access it, the radio program Luces en la Oscuridad launches its application for mobile devices so that you can listen to the program from there and access old recordings of the program to download on your device and listen to them without the need for an internet connection.

Created 26 years ago, more specifically on September 7, Luces en la Oscuridad is led by Pedro Riba. The content is based on offering humanistic tools so that listeners can find that world in which the body, mind and spirit unite. In Luces en la Oscuridad, topics such as anthropology, myths, legends, philosophies, traditions, history, religion, mystery, humanism and everything that has to do with the very creation of the human being are discussed.

For this, interviews are conducted with professionals who come to the program in order to give this information to listeners, being interviewed at all times by Pedro Riba, who with his charisma and experience conducts the interview to make it interesting for all listeners.

But the program is not only about professionals, there are also interviews with public figures, artists, singers, politicians, writers and more looking for their most human and spiritual part.

In order not to lose any listener due to lack of coverage or frequency change, Lights in the Dark is committed to getting the most out of technology by creating this application.

In addition to the recovery of the listeners who were affected by the recent change in the National Radio Network, the Lights in the Dark team wants to improve their journalistic work every day, being able to take their radio program to all points of Spain where there are seekers of the absolute and of values ​​that extol the human being.

Now you have no excuse for not listening to Lights in the Dark thanks to its free application available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Enjoy it!

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