Caroz Armayones
They work for the defense of the weakest

Project carried out in the Urquinaona office

At IndianWebs we are characterized by our professionalism and attention to detail in everything related to web design. We have a wide range of great works behind us and, so that you can easily and easily observe our best works, we have decided to group one for each of the months. In the case of April, the one selected was the Caroz Armayones website.

Multimedia and visibility

One of the aspects that stand out the most in this design is the large amount of audiovisual content on the website, both on its main page and in its different sections. This is not only a way of giving it greater visual appeal, but it is also a simple and illustrative way of making the user perceive at first glance the topics that they will be able to find.

Since Carlos Armayones is an office that offers advice in different areas, it was necessary to give visibility to many aspects in a simple way. For this reason, just by scrolling through the home page the user will find images, videos, and links to social networks that will make it more pleasant to enter a world that many find abstruse, such as the legal world.

In addition to this, the content of the company's blog is also linked, so that it is not relegated to being a subsection and gains presence in the design of the web. This way of integrating it with the rest of the company's activities will help users to be interested in it, giving it greater relevance and helping the firm to gain a certain notoriety thanks to the traffic of its content.

However, each section has a space for itself, so that those who have been interested in them at the beginning can investigate and get more detailed information. This easy and intuitive navigation will help even the least used to computers to see what they want and not be overwhelmed by the complexity of the design.

Concerned about SEO

One of our main focuses of attention when carrying out a design is SEO. Our work would be useless if the website we work on is ignored by search engines and is almost inaccessible, so we have focused our efforts on optimizing content so that it appears as high as possible in each search. In each of the different sections we have made sure that we have taken into account each and every one of the parameters on which the position in which the website appears will depend.

If you want to have a web design and maintenance like the one detailed here for your company, do not hesitate to contact IndianWebs and be surprised by everything we can do for you. We will not be satisfied if you are not satisfied with your web design, and we will worry about the quality and accessibility of your business page as if we were part of it. What do you say? You dare?

Caroz Armayones, experts in traffic accidents

Caroz Armayones: our web design for the month April

With a high level of specialization and a high percentage of success

Caroz Armayones Advocats is a law firm that works since 1.987 in the defense of the weakest, whether they are victims of traffic accidents, medical negligence or people who have been scorned by banking entities.

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