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Ideal Mamaparas
Shower screens.

Project carried out in the Urquinaona office

On this occasion, we analyzed one of our most recent web design projects: the development of the Ideal Mamparas platform. As the main novelty, we highlight the inclusion of an electronic commerce component that will allow our client to provide an optimized purchasing process through the Internet. Due to Covid-19, the company has decided to produce protection elements, an initiative that crystallizes in one of the sections of the site.

Specialists in partitions and other bathroom accessories

Although most of the sections are intended to place our client in the place of reference that corresponds to him within his sector (the sale and installation of partitions), we have tried to highlight the rest of the products that he sells in a fully comprehensive commercial experience .

The clean and orderly design tries to put the customer's products at the center and provide an overview of the competitive advantages it offers compared to other companies in its industry.

Likewise, we try to enhance the contact points of the platform, providing the user with a way to request information or help throughout all extensions of the web. Thus, the footer acts as an informative constant that allows access to the most outstanding data about the client's company or moves towards different ways of interaction with the organization.

Ecommerce implementation

Many companies are putting all the meat on the grill on the digital plane. In this sense, Ideal Mamparas has not wanted to be left behind and has implemented the e-commerce function to complement its commercial tools. The idea was to facilitate, as far as possible, the screen selection process.

To favor the user's search, we have chosen to implement a fairly comprehensive filter that allows the user to investigate the client's product range intuitively. For example, you can filter by size or color, two of the most decisive criteria in this type of purchase.

Other benefits of the intervention: SEO and web maintenance

Another of the client's objectives, apart from updating their web infrastructure, was to improve their SEO positioning capacity. Therefore, we have provided strategic content that integrates the main keywords by which the client is usually found. In addition, the technical review of the performance of the page based on this objective has allowed it to climb positions in its most relevant niches.

To ensure optimal performance after the intervention, we also take care of web maintenance. This not only ensures the proper functioning of the page, but also its long-term SEO effectiveness.

In conclusion, this web design tries to represent the aspirations of the client and give it greater relevance in the digital sphere.


Ideal Mamaparas: our web design of the month July

High quality.


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