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April September 2020 website: The British Factory

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The British Factory, an effective and surprising web design

We are experts in web design and we also do web maintenance and SEO work. Each month we choose a page for its characteristics and adaptability. In this month of September, the one we did for The British Factory is one of the ones that best represents our way of working.

Freshness and modernity, two basic aspects in SEO

They are the two words that best define the page. In fact, when you enter it you will find all the available services and the corresponding link to each section. If you prefer, you just have to use the top menu to scroll more quickly through the contents.

Each page surprises by its division into different sections that are identified with a specific color. You will only have to move the mouse down to enter the academy virtually. In addition, videos of the classes, the opinions of various students and a detailed description of the teaching method used are included.

Adaptability and speed

When doing our work, we took into account that any potential student needs to find what they are looking for in about 30 seconds at the most. The combination of a vertical menu with another horizontal seems to us the best measure to achieve an effective result that helps that person to know what interests them and to contact The British Factory.

Likewise, we bet on the vertical pagination technique on the landing page as this is the most common in the media and information consultation websites. In a single page, you have all the information and you only need to click or click on the tab of your interest to finish hiring the services of the academy.

The adaptive design used adapts easily to any mobile device, which helps to facilitate the achievement of the objectives we set ourselves: to publicize the academy and increase its number of students.

Various textures and environments

We consider the use of the same background for the entire web or the corporate colors under a single mold too old-fashioned. Each section needs a specific environment that must be reflected in a variety of colors and backgrounds. We also bet on graphics so that each person knows in greater detail what their course will consist of and what will be the level reached after its completion.

An interactive page

Creating a website that is too boring for a language school is not considered appropriate. And much less taking into account that the interested client may need to take a level test to know in which course to enroll. Thus, we have included this option and various forms to contact the company directly and receive a response in the shortest possible time.

IndianWebs: experts in web design and maintenance

The combination of all of the above results in a web design that has contributed to making the commercial offer of The British Factory academy much better known. Don't forget that your website is the best presentation card for your work and that we offer you maximum efficiency in terms of maintenance and search engine positioning.

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