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August 2020 website: Coffeecard

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Thanks to the web design, it is possible to get a suitable page for each business. In this case, we have finished developing the site Coffeecard.cafe, a job that has been simple and that we hope will give excellent results. In this post you will know the page in depth.

Betting on simplicity helps SEO

The objective for this website was to make it attractive, focus it on usability and not have indexing problems. Thus, users are attracted and, on the other hand, Google bots navigate the site without complications. The design we have chosen is totally vertical to simplify the factors mentioned. If you access the web, you will see that all the information is arranged by scrolling down.

As a customer, you will have no problems understanding the page and you will be able to navigate through it with total ease. Furthermore, the website is geared towards becoming a platform for independent coffee producers. Thus, they will be able to make themselves known, gain notoriety and establish ties between them, which serves to increase their visibility in the market.

All the information on the web is offered at a glance. You can access it in the menu on the right or go down little by little. The navigability of the site is fully guaranteed, as well as being very intuitive, which facilitates the use of the website for both first-time and experienced users.

Along with this, you can also find a contact form, which is adapted for the different functions that the client stipulated. Whether you are a conventional user of the page or a coffee maker, they will be able to contact the owner of the page in a couple of clicks. This is something important for the design of a web page, since people do not like to find too many obstacles in their visits.

Easy web maintenance

We have opted for a design that makes web maintenance very easy. This is built on a polished design that dispenses with any superfluous additions. Thus, the loading and response times of the page are very low, something that contributes to enhancing the SEO positioning of the entire site. This is possible by optimizing the weight of the images displayed, the verticality of the page itself and a code that is as light as possible.

Also, by not including other pages, the weight of the site is further reduced and the user experience is enhanced. You won't have to deal with a convoluted menu packed with categories and subcategories, something that many creators don't take into account.

Of course, we have optimized the design to be responsive on any mobile device. In fact, the verticality itself is oriented in this direction. The weight of the devices is greater, so websites must adapt to this reality.

Ultimately, web design is crucial today and will continue to be so in the future. This is the page of the month of August, a website that has a simple design oriented to mobile devices and the user experience.


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Virtual gift card: Give coffees in an easy and innovative way. Payment platform: Payment and collection of coffees through the app with your smartphone. Loyalty platform: Earn free coffees in our coffee network thanks to cashbeans. Collaborative and participatory marketing: Strengthen your visibility by participating in the alliance of independent cafes. Guide to the best cafes in the city: It is part of the map of the best cafes in the city. Corporate rewards platform: Reward clients, prescribers, collaborators, etc. with the corporate gift card. 

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