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August 2021 website: lacharitofilms

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Did you know that web design is as important as SEO? It is essential that our business has a clear space where the services are detailed and that, of course, it has the appropriate web maintenance. In this sense, we highlight the La Charito Films website as one of our websites of the month.

Keys to web design

With La Charito Films you can see that getting an aesthetic and dynamic website is possible. With a welcome video on the home page, it has an upper bar that remains until you scroll down to the bottom of the home page. In this way, you have the option of checking their work visually, or checking each of their services within their respective categories.

To this we have added a final section with the different sections, preceded by news on your blog. This aspect is essential, because in this way the page can generate traffic through publications both on the website itself and on social networks, which are directed to the La Charito Films page. In this way, the traffic generated is much higher.

Likewise, we highlight its two main services, production and investment. Both are highlighted with two banners that can be accessed to find more information about their services. In addition, when you hover over these banners, they are focused towards the central part to attract more your attention.

From web maintenance to SEO

This website has been designed so that updates can be included without much difficulty. In fact, one of the keys to the pages must be their simplicity when it comes to web maintenance. For this reason, from our company we have wanted to promote this aspect so that La Charito Films can update its products or services in a simple way.

In the same way, we once again emphasize all its products and services, which are included in the production and investment sections, all with its own section and with clear and precise information.

Likewise, we have optimized the keywords so that you can find this company as quickly as possible. To do this, we have analyzed the most searched keywords with the world of cinema and we have worked to place them at strategic points in the posts.

On the other hand, the 'Let's talk about cinema' part includes some current and interesting news, such as interviews with well-known directors or reasons to invest in cinema. All the information at your fingertips!

Image's power

As you can see, the entire website has been developed taking into account the importance of the image, both in terms of photography and video. In addition, being a production company, we have included some of their projects so that you can verify that they are professionals.

In summary, the La Charito Films website is a clear example of what every company needs: a powerful web design produced by a company that offers guarantees. More information? Contact IndianWebs.

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