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Specialized in the representation and promotion of International fairs in Spain.

Representative in Spain of international fairs

The invisible work of international fairs

The international fairs and congresses sector is much more complex than it seems at first glance. When we attend a large event, we rarely stop to think about all the work behind its production, the number of people involved and the economic impact they generate. 

One of the less visible tasks is that of promoters and representatives of international fairs. They are the link between organizers and exhibitors and those in charge of generating connections that add value to the companies and entities that participate, the famous networking.

For conference organizers, promoters and representatives are vital to attract the maximum number of exhibiting entities. In turn, for the exhibiting companies they are a crucial figure to get the most out of the event, especially when it is international. 

Rosa Ana Martínez is one of the most experienced professionals in the sector. In 2005 he founded the PromoExpo BCN agency, which offers services to companies and congresses around the world and from various fields. In addition, it is the representative in Spain of such prestigious fairs as Fresh Montgomery, HKDT and GL Exhibitions. In December 2019, Rosa proposed to reinforce the digital image of PromoExpo BCN, which did not have a website. 

The web

PromoExpo BCN wanted its website to be a digital support when communicating its services. The page does not have a strictly commercial purpose, but rather serves as a portfolio and to communicate what the company does. Thus, IndianWebs created a website with a sober and clear design focused on the specific public of PromoExpo BCN. 

The objective was clear: the user had to see at a glance what the company does, what fairs it represents in Spain and what services it offers to organizers and exhibitors. The result has been an impressive website with a clear message, which reinforces the identity of PromoExpo BCN and conveys its professionalism. 


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A team of professionals specialized in promoting international fairs

PromoExpo BCN focuses on promoting international trade fairs, we represent trade fair organizations, promoting major world events. They offer the best opportunities for Spanish companies to access Forein Markets participating in trade fairs.

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