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JANUARY 2020 website: Raima

More than 3.000 incredible papers from all over the world, Japan, India, Nepal, ...

Europe's largest stationery

Raima, the largest stationery in Europe

There are shops that, for different reasons, become icons of the city, cultural heritage. 

Raima has been the benchmark stationery in Barcelona since 1986, the place where design, architecture and fine art professionals go to find the perfect paper. If it exists, it is in Raima.

The main stationery, the flagship of this nationally awarded family business, is located in a XNUMXth century building in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. Decorated with restored furniture and maintaining the original style of the emblematic place, it is a warm space that goes in perfect harmony with the product, exhibited with a characteristic chromatic balance. 

After the recent expansion of the store, which has grown from 2 to 6 floors, Raima is not only the largest stationery store in Europe, but it has also become a space where professionals and amateurs of creative arts converge. Talks, workshops, concerts and other events related to paper and design take place on its sixth floor that reinforce the community spirit that characterizes emblematic businesses such as Raima.


The web

The Raima corporate website has been modernized with a clear objective: to convey the values ​​of the store, its history and its added value. In short, communicate why it is more than a store. 

Visual elements such as photographs and videos play a prominent role and project the spectacular spaces of the Gòtic stationery, as well as the quality, originality and careful design of its products. 

The page has various links to the Raima online store and includes a corporate blog and a calendar with all the events that are organized in the store around design and art. Both the blog and the agenda have been developed from a functional perspective and making it as easy as possible for the page manager to update them.


Signed by our blogger

Always be welcome at RAIMA, the largest stationery store in Europe.

Because with more than 40 years of experience in the commerce sector, we have always defended small and medium commerce, the traditional commerce, of proximity, of singular charm, where the treatment is human, 100% personalized and the quality of the product has a unquestionable value. And it is in relation to this that customer care and service is our main value, because we do not conceive a store without people, where everyone has a head and takes their place, with honesty and respect. We are aware of the importance of the digital world, but we learn, we adapt and we live with it. Because we like to innovate, constantly improve and that makes our model stand out and last over time.

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