Europe's largest stationery

Project carried out in the Urquinaona office

Much more than paper! Raima the largest stationery store in Europe

If you need 1,47 meters of paper, why should you pay 2 meters? If you want to work with 32x18 cm sheets, why settle for a standard size? At Raima we have the most common formats, but if none of them adapt to your ideas, they will cut any of your papers according to the size you request.

With six floors, 1.400 square meters, kilos of paper and high-end writing materials, the Condal street store stands as one of the largest stationeries in Barcelona and Europe. In a unique XNUMXth century building.

Raima has opted for high-end stationery, which is why conventional stationery objects are located in La Carpeta, where Núria Raja's commercial adventure began in 1979. In 1986, she would give a new direction to the project with the aim of approaching professionals in the paper design world, which came here and is still sold by units. In fact, the name of the store comes from a measurement: a ream corresponds to 20 hands of papers, which are 500 sheets. On the ground floor there are special pens and notebooks, from a BIC in a leather book made by hand with cotton paper; the noble floor is dedicated to writing, leather and decoration. Then they follow the paper plant, the core business of the business, with a catalog of up to 3.000 records; the plant with accessories for crafts; a room for workshops and conferences and the two roofs, with views of Via Laietana and the nearby streets.

Everything is in its place here, and Raima also sells order: Vinçon's calendars, Octagon planners, classifiers ... plus Montblanc pens, Piquadro bags, Stooly cardboard furniture, artificial flowers, air fresheners and other tempting objects, like a brush that is actually a magnifying glass. Come in and surprise yourself with a huge store that is much more than paper.

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Starting situation

In October 2019 we spoke with our client RAIMA. And they proposed to us to modernize the web that they currently had. Basically it was about equipping them with a tool that they could constantly update without worrying about technical issues. Reprogramming of the entire RAIMA website to make it fully editable by the group. It includes from photo and video galleries and much more. As it is an online store with high traffic on its website, the RAIMA team constantly updates the website: Products, blog, news, etc. Updates must be possible from multiple devices and cannot fail. Another important aspect is that the information and contact details of the 3 stores they currently have are made very clear. Keep the PrestaShop online store in perfect operation https://www.raimapapers.cat/es/. And later, provide them with a calendar system where they can announce, in good time, the numerous events they carry out.

Solution by IndianWebs

Web design, web programming and online marketing for one of the leading companies in Barcelona in the stationery sector. The website offers a presentation of services and products with a fresh and professional image.

More than 3.000 incredible papers from all over the world, Japan, India, Nepal, ...
JANUARY 2020 website: Raima
Kiara Mendoza García

Always be welcome at RAIMA, the largest stationery store in Europe.

Because with more than 40 years of experience in the commerce sector, we have always defended small and medium commerce, traditional commerce, proximity, of singular charm, where the treatment is humane, 100% personalized and the quality of the product has a unquestionable value. And it is in relation to this that customer care and service is our main value, because we do not conceive a store without people, where everyone has their heads and takes their place, with honesty and respect. We are aware of the importance of the digital world, but we learn, adapt and live with it. Because we like to innovate, constantly improve and this makes our model stand out and endure over time.

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