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FEBRUARY 2020 website: Gaia House

Gaia = quality housing

Energy efficiency

When commissioning a website for your company, it is important that you trust an agency that takes care of web design, SEO and web maintenance to achieve the best results. So that you better know our way of working, we have selected the website of the month of February for you.

Gaia house

The company is in charge of manufacturing homes with high energy performance and wanted a modern page, with a predominance of quality images and divided into various sections that would make it easier for its potential customers to consult all its commercial offer.

We are committed to summarizing the philosophy of the company in the following terms: energy efficiency, health and comfort, completing each concept with a representative image.

Then, in the "What do we do?" Section, the company's specialties are clearly outlined and how they can help anyone to have the home of their dreams. We use easily identifiable graphic icons so that customers can, with a simple glance, know all the characteristics of each house that the company manufactures.

The importance of content

When it comes to positioning the website in search engines, we rely on SEO and content marketing. The blog section occupies a good part of the web, since it allows, both the interested party and the one who is looking for information in this regard, to know much better the latest developments in the sustainable house construction sector.

How do you navigate the page?

All the previous sections can be visited by moving the mouse down. This allows you to get the most important information immediately and easily. However, there are other sections that must be consulted specifically to better understand their content.

Thus, the sections that talk about the company, its objectives, the methodology, the services and the contact form are expanded by clicking on them. With this, navigation is much more fluid and that those interested in any of them can consult the information they are looking for in less time.

As a footnote we include, in all sections, the associations with which the company works, the seals that certify the quality of its activity and the materials used. Likewise, a color link is added for the client to establish direct contact with the company to resolve any questions they may have about their commercial offer.

A modern, clean and attractive design

Thanks to web maintenance and the design explained above, we have managed to meet various requirements that make a web page the best possible business card for a company: the immediacy in loading the contents and its adaptability to any device so that it can be consulted from a mobile phone or tablet with the same image quality and content clarity.

Anyone who enters this page will know, in less than 30 seconds, what the company does, what it offers and how to contact these professionals. Only in this way is it possible to turn a web design into an open gateway to thousands of potential clients interested in your business.

Signed by our blogger

Passive houses, so are their houses

Creating houses of the XXI century, with high energy performance, comfort and health, combining engineering, design, execution.

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