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February 2021 website: Soul Lady

Made in Barcelona

Soul Lady, a benchmark in web design

It is not necessary to be a specialist in digital marketing to have a reference web design in your sector. You just have to go to a team of highly qualified professionals prepared to help you. This is precisely what Soul Lady has done, in Barcelona, ​​to create its new top-level current fashion e-commerce.

In fact, at IndianWebs we have chosen this site as our company's website of the month. Therefore, we want to tell you about it.

Soul Lady: sales, traffic, SEO and much more

For its promoters, Soul Lady is a true dream come true. It is a creative space that makes available to its customers a large number of really magnificent bags, wallets, scarves, glasses cases and other designer accessories.

With great visual rhythm, marked minimalism and a determined commitment to the excellence of materials and production processes, this e-commerce was born with the desire to reflect all these values ​​in each of its facets: from web design to content marketing, going through usability and ease of shopping.

One of the key aspects of the success of this project was precisely to capture elegance and creativity from the simplicity and economy of elements that characterize the products in the corporate catalog.

The importance of products and web maintenance

An online store like this, could not be otherwise, gives prominence to the extraordinary items it sells. His presence, always inspiring, stands out on the home page and, of course, reaches out to potential buyers in the Shop section, ideal for making necessary purchases.

The menu of this impressive website is completed with the Philosophy section, which reflects what are the fundamental values ​​and attributes of the brand, and with the Points of Sale and Contact sections / forms, which increase the reliability of all users.

In addition, our team has been in charge of optimizing and managing the web maintenance of this site, so that it is always updated and offers excellent performance in terms of organic positioning or SEO.

A curiosity that, functionally, internationalizes the offer of this website? It has been developed in 7 languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese.

If you carefully analyze this sample of our work, you will immediately appreciate the careful treatment that we have given to each of its parts, with the purpose of providing each client with a global solution of the highest level. At the level of marketing, creativity, design and functionality, it is a category of work, called to ensure compliance with all the objectives set by the promoter of this electronic commerce.

Do you need an effective web design and are you looking for collaborators with absolute guarantees? Have you verified, when viewing this site, that it significantly exceeds the one you currently have? Call us: we are at your disposal in Madrid and Barcelona and we can give you a satisfactory service anywhere in Spain. It's about time you have a winning website ... and a seller.

Signed by our blogger

Alba its creator is a dreamer, creative, perfectionist and tireless worker.

The minimalism of its shapes hides elegance, the perfect combination between the best leathers and the excellence of production. They are always looking for "less is more". The store can be found in the heart of Barcelona's Born, it is a quiet and cozy place where you can surround yourself with the magic and essence of its brand.

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